Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy on the website helps to readers for understanding the various terms and things that we collect of our visitors. How we use the information and data of the users who visits on this site is the part of the privacy policy information. You are on the page of THE GLOBAL INFOTECH Privacy Policy.

Website Site Cookies Information:

Generally, we also use the visitor log fines or cookies for the hosted tracking on the website and it is the part of the privacy policy of our companies. We collect the cookies through the visitors’ tracking data and this data is useful for the better understanding of the customer behavior for our marketing

Protection of Personal Information:

We gather the personal information of the users only for the purpose of products and services delivery. The Global InfoTech also use the other sources to offer limited services on our company basis. These services may include, delivery of services, direct mail services and responding customer queries.

The Global Infotech also organize some special promotion contents ideas which are sponsored by other companies. Visitors on our website, can also add the data and personal information for these contests as per their consent for the quality services. We will also notified to customers, if we share your personal information with others.

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